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telegram shill bot vs dm bot

Telegram Shilling Bot vs. Telegram DM Bot: Difference in 2024

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Updated for 2024: This post, comparing Telegram Shilling Bot and Telegram DM Bot, has been thoroughly updated to reflect the latest developments and remains highly relevant for this year.

Are you looking to promote your business on Telegram? Great idea! There are more than 500 million monthly active users on Telegram, which serves as a massive audience for projects of any size in the market.

Telegram Shilling Bot vs Telegram DM Bot is an exciting battle; the bots are loved by thousands, it provide similar services but work for two different purposes, respectively. 

If you are looking for an efficient Telegram bot to market your project on Telegram, Telegram Shilling Bot and Telegram DM Bot should be your priority. But, how do you decide which one is the best for your project? What are the differences? Which one is better? 

Core Features

Telegram Shilling Bot is a Telegram bot that can be used to send messages to multiple Telegram Groups 24/7 automatically. Whereas, Telegram DM Bot is a Telegram bot used to send mass private messages to all members of a targeted group. 

Looks confusing? Let’s look at the comparison table below.

Telegram Shilling BotTelegram DM Bot
Target MarketSend Message to Many Telegram Groups
Send Private Message to All Members in a Group
Messages LocationIn Telegram Groups
In Telegram User’s Private Inbox
Comparison of the Telegram Shilling Bot and Telegram DM Bot in Market Exposure

Shilling Bot vs. DM Bot

What’s the difference in Impression?

Impression in advertising is playing an essential role as it is the number of times your message is displayed. 

Shilling Bot is definitely a winner here! Shilling Bot sends your message to many telegram groups, and each group has a great number of members; hence your messages would be displayed on many telegram groups repetitively. 

DM Bot only sends private messages to users’ inboxes. It’s easier to send a message to a group with 1,000 members than send 1,000 private messages to each user.

So… is Telegram Shilling Bot better?

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It’s too early to make a decision here. Conversion is a crucial metric to measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. 

Conversion in advertising is the number of times the users complete an action you’ve defined as valuable in the message.

For instance, a high conversion means a higher number of users read the message and visit your website or follow your social media accounts.

Telegram group is full of messages from all group members, and you are competing with all the group members to stand out from the noise in the group. It’s very challenging compared with Telegram DM Bot. 

In Telegram DM Bot, you can send private messages to all members of a targeted group, it’s more likely they will read your message and visit your website directly because the message is more personal to the users. 

Okay… I understand the differences, are there anything common between the two?

Media Attachment

Both Shilling Bot and DM Bot can attach media in the message, including GIFs, Images and Videos.

Did you know the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text?


Therefore, all messages should include some graphics to catch the users’ attention, and there are many ways to make your shilling more efficiently.

Lightweight and Running in the background

The software(s) are lightweight and utilises a limited amount of RAM in the background. By using our softwares, you can run multiple instances at the same time, allowing you to multitask and be more productive with your computer.

Do I need any coding knowledge to run the bot?

Not at all, I have built the bots with a user-friendly interface, and it does not need any coding knowledge to use it. I believe a great bot should be intuitive and can be used by anyone in the team. 

You can learn more about all the bots available here and get it started in just a 5 minutes. 

Unlock the power of Telegram Shilling Bots and Telegram DM Bots in 2023 to maximize your crypto marketing impact and stay ahead of the competition.



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