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QQFORWARD is a Telegram Forwarding Bot that can help you to forward any messages, including premium emojis and media from multiple telegram accounts to unlimited telegram groups 24/7, all on autopilot.

“It works like a shilling bot, but with MORE features in 2024.”

Telegram Forwarding Bot
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Quick and Easy Steps to Forward Messages with QQForward Bot

Login With Your Existing Telegram Account

No need to create a new account. Simply login with QQFORWARD using any existing Telegram account.


Set Your Preferred Forward Mode

QQFORWARD offers three options to suit your needs - send to all groups, specific groups only, or exclude certain groups.


Insert Your Telegram Message Link

Insert your telegram message link and QQFORWARD will forward the message to your target audience accordingly.


Set the Time Interval (seconds)

Decide how frequently you want QQFORWARD to send your messages, in seconds.


Hit The SEND Button

Yes! Once you've configured the settings, QQFORWARD will send your messages to the groups 24/7 non stop.


Running 10 / 20 / 30 accounts at the same time is not a dream with QQSHILL.

You can forward messages containing premium emojis, stickers and buttons (with Postbot).

QQSHILL was built with strong anti-ban mechanism that efficiently reducing the chances of getting banned from telegram.

You can customise your preferred time interval of the messages sent with this telegram shilling bot.

You only pay once and you’ll get this telegram shilling bot for lifetime. No hidden fee at all.

More features and better anti-ban mechanism will be added to the bot in new version update for free.


Our Telegram Bots help brands like these build their thing and keep it growing.

Choose the Perfect Telegram Forward Bot

One Price for everything. Lifetime License with Free Updates. (Since2021)


Without Ads
$ 500
  • No Ads
  • Integrated with Postbot
  • Multiple Accounts Simultaneously
  • Forward to Unlimited Groups
  • Anti-Ban Mechanism
  • Proxies Rotation
  • Flexible Time Interval
  • Slow Mode Handling
  • Running 24/7 Non-Stop
  • Premium Customer Support
  • Free Lifetime Updates

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Updates on the software and promotions will be shared on our official Telegram channel.

Do You Need More Information?
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QQFORWARD is a Telegram Forwarding Bot that can help you to forward messages from multiple Telegram Accounts to unlimited Telegram groups 24/7 simultaneously. 

Telegram message link is the telegram link that you would like to forwarded from. (example:https://t.me/your_channel/123)

The number of accounts you can run simultaneously depends on the specifications of your computer. For example, a computer with an Intel i5 processor and 16 GB of RAM can run 12 Telegram accounts with only 5% CPU usage.

QQFORWARD is a Windows 10 application, but it can be used on a Macbook using a virtual machine (VM).

No, QQFORWARD is specifically designed as a forward bot for Telegram groups. If you need a bot for direct messaging, we have a separate solution for that.”

Groups often have anti-spam such as slow mode, restrict media attachment and limits on the number of messages that can be sent.

QQFORWARD will handle all the scenarios automatically to reduce the chance of getting banned to lowest.

Yes, it can forward media to groups. If the group doesn’t allow media attachments, the forwarding bot will automatically switch to sending a text message only. Don’t worry, QQFORWARD has got you covered!

No problem – QQFORWARD can automatically adjust the time interval for messages sent to groups with slow mode, ensuring that your messages are delivered in compliance with the group’s rules.

If your Telegram account gets banned, don’t worry! QQFORWARD will let you know and you can easily switch to another account to continue your shilling efforts.

Unfortunately we can’t provide a demo, once you get the bot it’s all yours.

Setting up the bot takes just 5-10 minutes. We provide a video tutorial to help you get started with your message forwarding efforts right away.

Reselling of QQFORWARD software is strictly prohibited. Any user found reselling or distributing our software without explicit permission will have their license immediately banned without notice. We take software piracy and unauthorized distribution seriously to protect our intellectual property rights and ensure fair use for all our customers.

Need help? Contact us for personalized assistance. We're here to support your shilling success.